The Kanawha State Forest Foundation

Still time to enter the 2014 KSFF Photo Contest

We are looking for pictures that capture the spirit of Kanawha State Forest and our contest is open until December 31, 2014. You can visit the Forest to take some new photos or look through your files for favorite pictures from the past couple of years. Just be sure to enter before the year is out.

Kanawha State Forest - A Special Resource

As you walk along Davis Creek Trail in the Kanawha State Forest, you can be transported from the day to day turmoil of the world to tranquility. You hear the creek gurgling, you hear the birds chirping, you see the wildflowers, you smell the earth, and you breathe in the forest air. Such a special place so near Charleston.

What defines West Virginia for many of us is our mountains and our forests. You may be stirred to these thoughts in Kanawha State Forest - this microcosm of the great ancient beautiful Appalachian forests of the East. It is love of the forest that motivates the members of the Kanawha State Forest Foundation.