The Kanawha State Forest Foundation

First Day Hike at Kanawha State Forest

Patch photoHappy New Year! The West Virginia DNR is sponsoring First Day Hikes on January 1st at many state parks and forests. These are guided hikes to encourage visitors to enjoy state parks year round and to promote good health and exercise.

Superintendent Kevin Dials and volunteers will lead an afternoon hike to begin a new year at the Forest. Meet at the Swimming Pool Parking Area for a hike that begins at 2:00 PM. Bundle up; dress in layers; and enjoy a fresh start to your year. All who complete a hike will receive a First Day Hike patch to keep as a memento.

Kanawha State Forest - A Special Resource

As you walk along Davis Creek Trail in the Kanawha State Forest, you can be transported from the day to day turmoil of the world to tranquility. You hear the creek gurgling, you hear the birds chirping, you see the wildflowers, you smell the earth, and you breathe in the forest air. Such a special place so near Charleston.

What defines West Virginia for many of us is our mountains and our forests. You may be stirred to these thoughts in Kanawha State Forest - this microcosm of the great ancient beautiful Appalachian forests of the East. It is love of the forest that motivates the members of the Kanawha State Forest Foundation.